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Manga is Japanese for Comic Book. It is similar to the comic book in the western countries but is usually in black and white. Western countries’ comic books are often colored, while mangas are black and white. Another point of difference is that you read a manga from right to left and from the back of the book to the front. Mangas are very popular even now and the main reason for that might be anime.

Anime is the Japanese form of animation. It is the most popular TV show and movie that came from Japan. What people might not know about anime is that most of the anime shows are derived from mangas.

This is probably why Mangas are popular. An anime episode takes too long to be seen on TV, since each episode is usually shown once a week. On mangas, you can read the continuation of the story, and at the same time, see the difference between the manga and the anime version.

If you are a fan of mangas, then you probably want to have a copy of your favorite manga. There are already translated versions of the most popular mangas that you can buy from a store. But if your favorite manga is not among the ones sold, you can still enjoy reading the manga from the Internet.

There are many websites that allow you to read translated manga. A website such as OneManga.com has hundreds of mangas ready to be read online. But if you can’t stay online for too long, or if you want to download and print the manga, you can look for a website that offers manga download.

Downloading a manga from the Internet could be a hassle if you do not know where to go. So here are some methods that you can do to get a download:

One thing you can do is to go to OneManga.com or other manga-oriented websites and view the pages of your favorite manga. For each page, right click on the page and choose the ‘Save Image As’ option. Save the images on a folder to get your own copy of the manga.

Another method that you can use is to simply look for a website that offers downloads. There are many websites such as BleachExile.com that allows you to download a zip file of a manga directly from the internet. But you need to be patient and wait for the download to finish before having the opportunity to turn off your computer. This could take quite a while.

Another method you can do is to use a BitTorrent Client. A BitTorrent Client is a peer-to-peer application that allows you to share downloads of files with other BitTorrent Client users. If there are many users who download or seed the same file, the download of each file will be much faster. Simply download a BitTorrent Client and search for a torrent file of your favorite manga. You can download the manga, pause it and continue the download anytime, which is a great advantage over direct downloads.

After downloading the manga, you can now read it in your computer, print it before reading, or copy the images to a mobile device and read it anytime anywhere. Just make sure that the mobile device allows image zooming so that you can read the manga without a problem.

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Invisible Cities 4
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Image by Ziki Questi
From the new art installation Invisible Cities, this is the gateway by Cherry Manga. Taken 27 February 2012.

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