Kingdom Manga: Most Captivating Manga Series Ever Told


Kingdom Manga is a Japanese manga series that was written and later on illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. The Kingdom Manga illustrates a fictional account in China during the Warring states Period. This famous story has gained much popularity across the glob, as more people are getting more information on the story, thanks to the many websites that are providing the Manga series online.

Plot of the Kingdom Manga Series

This particular Manga series is based on a story of a war orphan Xin together with his comrades as he fights through every challenge to become the Great General of the Heavens.

Xin and Piao are the war orphans in Qin kingdom both with a dream of becoming “Great Generals of the Heavens”. However, a minister takes Piao to the Palace for an unknown intention and Xin is left alone working as a slave in a peasant village. After a few months Piao returns to the peasant village on the edge of death and urges Xin to go to another village. In the new village, Xin meets Piao look a like, Ying Zheng, the existing king of Qin. Xin, in the process learns that Piao was taken to the palace to serve as a body double for the king and got wounded during a power struggle for the throne. Xin sees this as an opportunity and seizes it by aiding Ying Zheng restore his status as the King of Qin. Xin proceeds successfully as he now get to fight in battlefields with the same vision of becoming the “Great General of the Heavens” in order to help Ying Zheng to successfully unify China.

Kingdom Manga on the Media and its Social Status

This Manga series has gained media frenzy since its debut issue in January 2006, and so far a total of 35 volumes have been released and ever captivating the readers.

Kingdom Manga won the grand prize for “Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize” in the year 2013. Just before in December 12th 2012 it earned a Guinness World Record for Manga written by the most number of people.

Kingdom Manga Anime

In the bid to capture more audience for this enthralling series, a 38 episode animation version was adapted and started airing in 2012, and the latest which is the second season aired from June 2013 to begging of March 2014.

This series with a historical setting full of action and drama is widely gaining funs as an English version has been licensed.


As today’s generation is driven by inspirational stories, the Manga Kingdom has gained grounds just at the right moment. A period where the internet is taking the world by a storm and finding Kingdom Manga series is quite easy as there are many online stores offering the written volumes, the animated version or a combination of both.

Kingdom Manga is an ongoing series that will keep racking up fans from across the world with its captivating style of telling an inspirational story in an old setting. For animation enthusiast, the Kingdom Manga series is one the best Japanese fictional story you can not afford to miss.

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