Entertain Yourself With Various Apps FOR Manga

MANGA refers to comics created in Japan by Japanese creators in Japanese language. This style was developed in late 19th century. These have a long complex pre history. These are read all over the world by all age groups. The medium includes work in action, adventure, romance, sports, comedy, drama, science, fiction, fantasy, suspense and horror. It is typically printed in black and white. Many popular Manga series have been animated. These are not only concentrated to Japan but also spread across the globe. It is read interestingly by everyone. It has spread worldwide. The distributors get a license and reprint it into their native languages. Manga magazines have many running series. Approximately twenty to forty pages are allotted to each series. Many artists draw comics and cartoons influenced by the character. Manga fascinates its readers with memorable characters, humor, action and imaginative back drop.

With the advancement in technology, our perspective to the world has completely changed. Digital Manga has overpowered the traditional hardcopy Manga. Now everybody is equipped with iPhone, windows and android smart phones. Now it is easy for you to carry your favorite story and read it in your spare time. As a result of this technology, you can read your stories anywhere and anytime. Technology has made things go easier.

To read these comics on your phones or tablets you just need to download apps for Manga. There are various apps available in the market which helps you to read them. These apps come in various versions that can be downloaded for iPhone, windows and android. These apps are versatile. Here is a list of these apps that will enhance your reading experience.

1) Droid comic viewer- this is a powerful, free and best comic viewing app in the android market. It supports BMP, ACV, JPEG, CBZ/ZIP, PNG and CBR/RAR files. It comprises of 18 actions and 19 options that you can customize. Navigating between pages will give you a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

2) Comica- this app comes with an amazing feature of zooming the snapshots. It has a great looking interface that arranges your comics in an easy and amusing way. It supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF for image viewing.

3) Mango Manga reader- it is a free app for android. It has a huge collection of comics that you can enjoy reading. The inbuilt library comprises of thousands of translated Manga. This is a user friendly app that enables you to download all chapters to your SD card. You can read the stories without an internet connection. It is equipped with the features of smooth scrolling, swipe gesture control, pinch to zoom and smooth animations. It gives you an immense enjoyable experience.

4) Comic reader Mobi- it comes with a unique feature. You do not need to constantly zoom the pages, the lens will automatically zoom the words. You can auto bookmark a page and flip pages that give you an experience of the print version.

5) Manga meow- it is the best app for Manga. This fantastic user friendly app for iPhone 3 GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation)

Manga Meow is an apps for manga which helps in downloading, viewing/reading and collecting your favorite manga titles. Complete with favorites, bookmarks, downloads, and catalogs from your favorite sources including MangaReader.net and Mangafox.

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